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Student Safety Audit – NZUSA

NZUSA’s Tertiary Women’s Focus Group produced a Safety Audit of campuses in 2011, which is attached here for download.

Violence against women is a huge problem throughout New Zealand, with many incidents going unreported. Often victims are blamed, the focus is on the behaviour of the victim, and rape myths are perpetuated (“She was asking for it by wearing a short skirt”). The victim is never at fault in cases of harassment and assault, but many people refuse to accept this and continue marginalising victims.

This report is targeted at both Universities and Polytechnics. Tertiary study shapes the lives of many people and it is the responsibility of the campus community to ensure that everyone has good experiences while studying.

Tertiary study is often young people’s first foray into the ‘real world’, therefore it is important to try and create a culture of respect and safety. Institutions must have an appropriate attitude when it comes to issues such as harassment and assault, and should be willing to fix gaps in their procedures when needed. This report attempts to begin this process.

The report consists of three parts –

  1. A review of the sexual harassment policies of every public tertiary education provider in Aotearoa New Zealand,

  2. The results of the NZUSA Student Relationship survey focussed around students’ perceptions of relationship abuse, and

  3. Physical safety audits from select campuses

It’s not OK

The Campaign for Action on Family Violence  has information about family violence, what it is, where to get help and how you can help if you know someone affected by family violence.

Children are affected by family violence whether they see it, hear it or just know about it. If you are concerned about a child you know, we encourage you to take action.

It is friends and whanau that people living with violence turn to first. Don’t be a cardboard cut-out, find out what you can do to help – not just in a crisis but in everyday situatio ns.

Sports clubs, employers, local councils, iwi and social service organisations all over New Zealand are getting involved in the Campaign and helping to change the way people think and act about all forms of family violence.

Find out more at the Family Violence: It’s Not OK website.

White Ribbon Day

25 November 2012

White Ribbon offers men the opportunity to be part of the solution to end violence against women. Violence is endemic within New Zealand. One in three women are victims of violence from a partner, while on average fourteen women are killed each year by a member of their own family.

White Ribbon is a campaign led by men who condemn violence against women and take action. We are part of a global campaign committed to ending violence against women. You can help effect change by supporting White Ribbon. Wearing a white ribbon is a personal pledge to never commit, condone or remain silent about violence against women. In 2012 we will continue to showcase men who do not use violence in their lives and begin to explain how violence is not just physical in nature.

Read more about White Ribbon Day at the White Ribbon Day website.

Trade unions say no to violence against women and girls

This brochure provides tools and guidelines to strengthen and reinforce trade union policies and actions to STOP Violence Against Women. Each year the ITUC in cooperation with the Global Union Federations (GUFs) plans initiatives and activities to place this topic high on the agenda of trade unions, employers and governments.

25 November, United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, is an ideal opportunity for a collective and united trade union response in which we say NO to violence against women. Violence against women must be wiped out in our homes, societies and the workplace if women are to have equal opportunities to access DecentWork and a Decent Life.