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Harassment and Discrimination a guide to your rights – Working Women’s Resource Centre

Harassment (sexual, racial and bullying) and discrimination in the workplace are serious workplace issues.

At some time we may experience some form of inappropriate behavior from others. If at work, or among work colleagues, this behaviour may be from people of the same or opposite sex.

Depending on how we feel at the time, we may not see the behavior as a problem, we might grin and bear it, try to ignore it or tell the person to stop. We may also attempt to get away from the situation as soon as possible.

When sexual harassment, racial harassment, bullying and/or discrimination occur in the workplace, it raises some very complex issues for all of us.

TEU is a member of the Working Women’s Resource Centre which has recently produced a guide to dealing with harassment in the workplace. Download the guide here.

Thanks to adam_kesher2000 at Flickr for the photo.

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